Recorder, mixer & audio manipulator

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What is buttonic?

buttonic is an app that works in Android devices. It allows you to produce any kind of sound in a quick and easy way.

Sounds are stored in form of customizable buttons that help you easily recognise your creations.

What can you do?

Record sounds

The recorder adapts to your needs. It can be used from inside or outside the app with our widget

Apply effects

With more than 50 totally customizable different effects, there are almost endless possibilities

Import sounds

The import tool allows you to create buttons from audio files located in your device

Edit & Mix

The mixer board allows you to create new buttons from the ones you created before in a fast and precise way

Share your creations

You can share buttons with friends that have the app or send your audio files by other methods (email, messaging apps...)


Use the multibutton tool in order to create melodies with your buttons manually and in real-time

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